On the first weekend of June we will arrange Central Eastern Europe’s first motorcycle jamboree, 100sparks. Motorcycle builders are coming from the neighboring countries to exhibit their vintage, extravagant, design motorbikes. We will arrange friendly races on a beautiful meadow, such as 100sparks, and the Chase the Ducks. 

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100sparks Motorcycle Race

The 100 sparks race is the most important event during the 4-day-long jamboree.
The tournament with 21st century knights takes place on Saturday afternoon.
The final races will be guided by the lights of torches, after sundown.

The modern Don Quijotes can participate in the special “meadow sprint” with all kinds of motorbikes. This is a head-to head dual race where the fastest rider can enter the next run.
The 100 sparks’ champion is the fastest rider of the meadow. 

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Chase the Ducks – Slalom Race Uphill

Chasing the Ducks is a fun race with lots of curves up to a spectacular hill, a true challenge for all of you. The contestants complete multiple laps with high speed and crazy curves.

You can apply for this race with all kinds of motorbikes. Obviously lighter weight bikes with enduro tyres can be beneficial. The quickest duck chaser will be rewarded!


If you feel like racing, please send us an email about your bike to this